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    OK everyone the pics you’ve all been waiting for – your claim to fame! Andy Warhol said – “in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” you are NOW IN THE FUTURE! ——S p o o k y…… thanks for all the people who sent the pics in but I need a whole …


    The FINAL reception space for the wonderful NEW OFFICE FITOUT is here – from the number 1 #INTERIOROLOGIST I have been slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack with my posts – SORRY ALREADY. But some of us have to work for a living and don’t have time to put up posts all the time…you KNOW what that is like so …


    HELLO EVERYONE YET AGAIN AND WELCOM TO THE NEW OFFICE FITOUT STAGE 4 BLOG – from Spencer Group Design the go to #INTERIOROLOGIST you love Remember I mentioned the reception bulkhead in the last post well here is some progress I know its not a massive change but it takes time – but isn’t it …

At Spencer Group our philosophy is to understand our client – consider their needs, desires, budget and time frame. To design a space that works well with all of these things in mind – it’s not good enough to create an amazing space to look at…it MUST work – the relationship trail must flow, people must have a work space that they enjoy, a space where they can function well. It must be created in a commercial sense – with real budgets, real time restriction and co-ordinated and managed to completion.

We create our select residential spaces to feel comfortably sophisticated, rich and relaxed…interiors that inspire you daily though nuance, harmony and contrasts…Interiors that reflect your needs and spirit…interiors that truly feel like home.

Graeme SpencerI grew up knowing exactly what I wanted to do for a living and how I wanted to do it. Creating corporate interiors, planning space, designing furniture, creating things that work has been my passion since I was 5 (you ask my Mum!). I started Spencer Group when I was 20 and never stopped loving it!

Lea SpencerI have spent all my life designing – re-arranging things around in our house so they worked better was where it all started - I was 6 (you ask MY Mum!). It has not stopped – I thrive on a challenge and love to create spaces that work well and look amazing – it’s never enough to make the place look good (it really isn’t), it’s got to look FANTASTIC!

Spencer Group Design liaises with you the client, builders, engineers, trades people, developers, landlords and agents in any location – all to make your fitout come together. We’ll create the space with floor plans, details and specifications and arrange the complete fitout so all you need to do is give us a call to see how its going (well in fact you probably don’t need to call us because we’ll keep you informed all the way).

Spencer Group Design offer a full design service with an in-depth range of products including furniture, custom designed joinery and cabinetry, window treatments, lighting, wallcoverings, fabrics, art, floor treatments, storage systems, accessories – everything you need to make your new space complete – and of course we will work with your existing furniture in ways that will surprise you.

We are proud to say that EVERY one of our clients becomes a repeat customer – they move, they re-structure, they change roles, they tweak and they always call us to make it happen – always – all ways.

Give us a call – Graeme 04 11 11 76 69 or Lea 04 12 57 26 58